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Weekly Service

Connect with Us through the Week

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Praying Together

His Grace Live

9AM Sunday Morning Service

Join us every Sunday morning for inspirational singing, faith-filled worship and thought-provoking sermons by our Pastor, Archbishop Paul Price

Grace Tuesday Bible Study

7:30pm - 8:30pm

Each Tuesday we study and discuss life in faith.  Join us as we study the scriptures for life application as we worship through life.

Saturday Morning Prayer

8AM Every Saturday

Connect with us through prayer each Saturday.  As we intercede for each other, our communities and our government.

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Church Pew

Connect with Our Online Church

Become a Member of GCC's Virtual Church and Stay Connected

As we find a way to deal with the viral pandemic we know that faith is key to many. For many, physical worship may not be an option.  Stay connected to the church and the faith by becoming a virtual member of Grace Christian Cathedral.

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